Finally Summer in Berlin

Written by Melodydreamer on May 22. 2023

It's getting summer and there is a lot of excitement in the air. After two years of intense work we just released the new OY album "World Wide We" including a completely new live show. Joy & me wrote all the music together and I produced the record. We already had a string of release shows in Germany and Switzerland and are about to dive into summer festival shows now. Aside of that I'm finally finding some time preparing long overdue new solo work and more music for film projects are coming up too. In order to find links and infos about OY and the current tour > just click on the image. Stay tuned and I wish you all a beautiful summer with a lot of positiv energy. Love, Melodydreamer

New Music for Deutsches Theater Berlin and OY

Written by Lleluja-Ha on Jan 8. 2020

I'm about to compose music for a new play at Deutsches Theater Berlin called "Herz der Krake" Premiere on 28th of April 2020. Also very busy working on new OY music & record - about to be ready in summer, first OY concerts will be announced here soon, can't wait so see you out there!

Kasimir & Karoline at Staatsschauspiel

Written by Lleluja-Ha on May 20. 2019

After the invitation of "Vor Sonnenaufgang" to Mühlheimer Theatertagen and its upcoming Premiere at Residenztheater Munich I had the pleasure to compose new music for a classic ensemble on the timeless play by Ödön von Horvath - my third work for director Nora Schlocker. - click image to see


Written by Lleluja-Ha on April 30. 2017

Wrote the music for this dreamlike work of Andreas Kriegenburg at the beautiful Staatsschauspiel Dresden. - click image to see


Written by Lleluja-Ha on Jan. 30. 2017

Hope! I wrote this track together with the italien DJ Clap!Clap! It's a Collab we made with OY and it will be published by Warp UK. It includes one of my lately rather rare vocals - more to come soon!


Written by Lleluja-Ha on Oct. 1, 2016

I'm proud and happy to announce the release of the new OY album. The work on this album kept my busy day&night for the last 18 months. Joy & me wrote and recorded all the music together and I produced and arranged the tracks. First nice reviews describe it as "Avant-garde flourishes" - VICE (US) "OY überzeugen mit lebendigem intelligentem Tanz-Pop in Form einer humorvollen und farbenprächtigen Space Opera" INTRO(DE) "Elector-pop rêveuse, tribale et volatile - RADIO NOVA(FR) - click image to watch&listen


Written by Lleluja-Ha on Dez. 22, 2015

Feels like Christmas - After many exciting months of work in the studio the new album of my duo OY with Joy Frempong is almost ready and will be released on the Belgium cult label Crammed Discs next fall!

SØ∆∆ Work for Cinema

Written by Lleluja-Ha on Feb. 14, 2015

Just finished some new music for cinema - here you can pre listen one theme!

Parade Live Videos

Written by Lleluja-Ha on Nov. 27. 2014

Four video extracts of my new composition for symphonic orchestra and dance are now online. incl the Sun Of Moon track "Welcome To The Future's Past" which I orchestrated for this event. Click picture to watch.

Shop Now Online

Written by Lleluja-Ha on Okt. 20. 2014

We just opened a simple shop on this page where you can order our 2CD for a very nice price. So if you like to support our work a little bit - we say thank you very much! There are also some of the many nice reviews we received during the last month added up there...

Premiere of Parade

Written by Lleluja-Ha on April 4. 2014

Today crazyday! After six months of work tonight's the premiere of my composition for symphonic orchestra & dance in Frankfurt Germany - incl a Sun Of Moon track. I'm honored and overwhelmed.

End of Release Tour - Merci!

Written by Lleluja-Ha on November 15. 2013

And now sleepless off to Paris - Wow - thanks to everyone who made this wonderful tour happen. You where all just great! We will be back as soon as possible. For some pictures click below. Stay tuned - love, Lleluja.

New Single on DRS3 Since 4 Weeks!

Written by Lleluja-Ha on October 15. 2013

The new single is played by many german & swiss radio stations - even in heavy rotation on DRS3. Thanks ladies & gents! You can listen or even download the track for free here - just click the picture below!

It's Out there!

Written by Lleluja-Ha on September 4. 2013

Album release in Germany, Austria and digital worldwide on the 4th of October. The dates for our tour in November are online now. New video & single comming soon!

New videos teasers from the swiss tour!

Written by Lleluja-Ha on April 24. 2013

Welcome to the Sun Of Moon Page!

Written by Lleluja-Ha on April 24. 2013

After some first shows and the pre-release in Switzerland we’re happy to announce now the release of the debut album in Germany and Austria on the berlin label “Motor Music” for early Autumn 2013. The dates for release and tour will be announced here soon – to stay informed you might also join our newsletter or follow us on social media. Till then please find Sun Of Moon on i-tunes, soundcloud, many other formats and for sure first of all - here on the page! Till soon & enjoy - Sun Of Moon